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Rapid Diagnostics

Sit back knowing that in the future, if you feel something’s not right, you'll avoid the long waiting lists with fast access to private diagnostic tests, at one of 5,000 clinics.
From £9.30 per month*
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Cancer Essentials

Receive a £5,000 cash lump sum to help cover the costs of a cancer diagnosis, plus up to £100,000 for recommended drugs not covered by the NHS.
From £2.03 per month*
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Expert support for mental wellbeing and resilience including; 24/7 counselling and advice helpline, digital CBT and unique digital resilience ‘checker’ triage tool. Plus optional pre-booked counselling and therapy.
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From £3 per month
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Pharmacy Services

Search, book and pay online for easy access to clinical pharmacy services, delivered at a time and date that suits you via your local community pharmacy.
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A range of easy to book vaccination options to support whole family healthcare, at a pharmacy local to you.
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A smart digital triage service to help diagnose and treat a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions.
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Our simple, affordable top-up's complements public healthcare provision.

What do we mean by 'top-up'? Lime reckons you’re happy to rely on the UK’s world-class public health services for most of your medical requirements. We focus just on those specific areas where you and your family need extra cover. This simplifies things and keeps costs down.
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We’re building an exciting portfolio of top-up products, bringing bite-size, affordable health cover to the many.

Cancer Essentials

Cancer Essentials

Many of us worry about cancer, in fact 1 in every 2 people will get cancer in their lifetime. If you were diagnosed tomorrow, we will help you cope. Cover provides £5,000 cash lump sum to help cover the costs of illness, plus up to £100,000 for recommended drugs not covered by the NHS. A 38-year old non-smoker only pays £3.33 per month (costs reviewed annually).
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Work worries? Parenting concerns? Stressed about sleep? No matter what's up, Mind-Matters helps you manage your mental wellbeing and build your day-to-day resilience to be the best that you can be - in the workplace, at home,anywhere.You'll get 24/7 access to online and telephone emotional and practical support services from only £3 month.
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Rapid Diagnostics

Rapid Diagnostics

Rapid Diagnostics cover provides quick access to diagnostic tests either via an NHS GP referral or a virtual GP service for a speedy referral to one of more than 5,000 dedicated diagnostic centres. You’ll have your test results fast. A 37-year old non-smoker from Portsmouth only pays £13.31 per month (costs reviewed annually).
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Feeling unwell

If you’re worried about something abnormal or are feeling unwell, you want to speak to a GP quickly and get tested and treated as soon as possible.
Rapid Diagnosis Icon

Rapid Diagnosis

Access to a digital GP consultation, if your NHS GP is not immediately available.

Fast and flexible appointments for private rapid initial diagnostic tests such as MRI and ultrasound.

Test results sent to your GP to enable a treatment consultation should it be required.

Needing Treatment

We can count on the NHS to provide us with treatment and care. However, there are a few specific conditions where a little bit more is sometimes needed, and you may want to top-up treatments that you are worried about
Physio Icon

Physio Essentials

A top up which will give you access to 5 face-to-face treatments with physio therapist per year.
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Cancer Essentials Icon

Cancer Essentials

A top up which gives you a cash lump sum to help cover your household bills whilst in treatment.

Plus access to recommended drugs not covered by the NHS.
Mind Essentials Icon

Mind Essentials

Access to digital support and initial assessment.

Up to 5 face-to face consultations per annum.
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Antenatal Icon

Antenatal Essentials

A top up which gives you reassurance during pregnancy in the 2nd trimester that provides a 3D or 4D ultrasound scans.
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*costs dependent on age, smoking status and location and reviewed annually.

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Watch CEO and Founder Shaun Williams explain his mission to make Lime a force for social good - by making valuable healthcare affordable and accessible to people underserved by traditional insurance companies.
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