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We believe in making the best healthcare affordable for everyone

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Hi I'm Shaun

I’ve worked my whole career in the individual insurance industry. I have seen what works well and what doesn’t. It’s clear that for most people, health insurance is too expensive and overly complicated. What many people want is to rely primarily on our superb NHS but need extra cover in specific areas that concern them, such as rapid diagnostics and cancer essentials.

So that’s what we’ve created: a different approach to health insurance that’s super-simple, affordable and modular: you just buy the top-ups you want. No need for advisers and long questionnaires. We think it’s refreshing, so we called it Lime.

You + Lime Health top-ups

In the UK we’re fortunate to have fantastic public healthcare services. but there are some areas where top-ups are needed - and that’s where Lime comes in.

With Lime Health top-ups, you just choose to cover the areas – such as Cancer Essentials - that matter most to you.
You + NHS + Lime

We put our customers first

We’ve designed Lime from the ground up, to make it as simple and affordable for our customers as we can. From buying your first product through to making a claim, we’re reducing steps, simplifying language and taking away the small print.
We’re a small but fast-growing UK-based team, dedicated to making Lime the most customer-focused provider of health cover. We’re an online business with no call centre, enabling us to save a lot of money which we pass back to you through our low prices.

We’ve made things so super-simple, and the claims process so quick, that you shouldn’t need to get in touch with questions or concerns. But if you do, one of us will answer your email within 48 hours (usually much quicker).

Our team: focused on serving, not selling

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Our valued partners

Lime Health top-ups are backed by giants of the insurance industry: Aviva and Lloyds of London. We’re proud of these partnerships, and it gives our customers an extra helping of reassurance.

What people are saying about us

We’re still a young company, building out our range of products. We’ve not done any marketing yet, but already the media are writing some nice things about us. Thanks guys 😊
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Our Leadership Team

Shaun Williams

Shaun Williams

CEO & Founder
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Stephen Law

Stephen Law

Head of Technology
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Anita Williams

Anita Williams

Head of Compliance & Risk
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Nick Henderson

Nick Henderson

Head of Strategy & Product Design
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Kylie Hendrikse

Kylie Hendrikse

Senior Test Lead
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