Lime: On a Mission

Lime’s mission is simple; provide honest, affordable and flexible insurance. Protection that is 100% focussed on you, what you need, when you need it. Nothing more, nothing less. And available online.


Where technology helps people

Entirely online and with a streamlined digital office, Lime uses the power of technology and the experience of its founders, all of whom have worked around the globe in insurance and digital businesses, to deliver something new. Easy to access, low cost and putting the customer in control.

And it has worked, attracting the trust and support of leading insurers, like Aviva, and the world’s largest underwriters in Lloyd’s.

But beyond that, Lime is a people business. Passionate about refreshing the industry. And driven by the recognition that living without protection is living with risk. It was time that something was done about it, and that something is Lime.

New Products for Modern Lifestyles

We develop each product from scratch and look for the best partners to make it happen. Accidental Death is our first product to go live. It is underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd’s, Vibe Syndicate Management Limited.

Reaching People through Partnership

It is all very well having products that are accessible online, tailored to modern life and offer great value. But if our mission really is to help those people who don’t have any insurance, then we need to find a way to talk to them. So, we are partnering with organisations that can help us reach out to the people who are missing out.

Lime Insurance Partners.png

Prevention is Protection

As we start looking at launching our cancer and mental health products, we are also going to look at how we can help those people who have dedicated their lives to research, care and support for those who are suffering, and their families and friends who suffer alongside them. If you have suggestions for national charities in Cancer Care or Mental Health, with a particular focus on the young, then please do get in touch.

*Source: YouGov Life and Health Protection 2017