Accidental Death Claim

Please see below to find out how you can let us know about a claim

If your family needs to make a death claim, we understand it will be a difficult and worrying time for them. We will take great care in helping them through the process.To help everyone understand what will be needed in the even of a claim and to assist us in managing the claim as quickly as possible, our process is detailed below.

Step 1 - your representatives can register the claim by either email or letter:


Claims Manager
Lime International Limited
Level 30
The Leadenhall Building
122 Leadenhall Street
Tel no. +44 (0)203 753 469

Please provide us with the following information when registering the claim:

About the claims process

Step 2 - We will register the claim and notify the insurer, who will ask for the completion of a claim form by the nominated beneficiaries or appointed legal representative and may also require you to provide further information to support the claim.

Step 3 - If the information initially supplied is insufficient, we will contact you to obtain any additional information. If the additional information is not supplied, the claim may be rejected or payment withheld until the information requested is received.

Step 4 - If the insurer turns down a claim, and the nominated beneficiaries or appointed representatives do not agree, they can appeal this decision, and will be given the contact details for Lloyd’s and the Financial Ombudsman Service, who will determine the right outcome.