Lime is deconstructing the current insurance bundle

Lime will offer standalone products, rather than offering you the normal bundle of lots of different insurance options, only pay for what you need, not for what you don’t.

The quality is maintained by using carefully chosen Insurance companies, but by unbundling, we make it simple, affordable and above all, flexible so you can change your insurance portfolio as your life and needs change.

This Summer we launch Lime Cancer Care.

Cancer impacts one in every two of us*. We all know that a little help goes a long way. We are working hard to develop the best possible and simplest cancer support package. Our cancer cover is designed to work with the NHS to give you added protection; access to better drugs, specialist support and guidance, and cash to help cover some of the costs of being ill.

Protecting your lifestyle, addressing mental health issues and preventing illness is where we go next.

We are hard at work on plans for our Lime Cancer Care package that wraps around the NHS service to provide support on diagnosis and a broad spectrum of drugs. Our Physio Pack will provide reassurance for fitness fans and we are also developing a Mental Health Care package. As we face the increasing stresses of modern life, our Mental Health package should provide welcome reassurance to adults and families alike.

Looking Ahead

So we have three new products in development for launch this year and we are also working on our first service, the Digital GP. This is the sensible next step, offering those of us with busy lives - and flexible work which sees us often on the go - being able to access medical professionals at a time and place to suit.


Mental Health Care

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Physio Pack



Life insurance

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Digital GP


Common values

 Whatever your needs and worries, we will make sure that the insurance is affordable and relevant to you. Our short questions, that we ask when you apply with us, allow us to make sure that the cover is right for you. This means that we don’t offer you too little protection or try to sell you too much. And as we launch each of these new products, we will ensure that the offer is right for your lifestyle and financial needs.


*Source: Cancer Research UK