Lime is different, so are our costs

Traditionally, insurance has been inefficient, with lots of paperwork, manual tasks and middle men involved.

We’re making online insurance affordable by cutting out all the stuff you don’t need. That allows us to offer a mix of products at much lower rates than the market norm.

Our aim is always for you to pay less than anywhere else.



Insurance that grows with you

Life doesn’t stay the same – and nor should your cover.

People lose jobs, they have babies, they move to new cities.

Your insurance should grow with you so that it always offers up-to-date protection for what your life looks like today.

Whatever your worries, pick the cover that gives you peace of mind at a price you can afford.

Pick the cover you are interested in

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Coming Soon - Priority Diagnosis

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Coming Soon - Dental Cover



“Of the 16 million people in the UK who are under-insured, 11 million have a mortgage to pay and/or a family to support – and yet they have no safety net if something goes wrong.

“We want to change all that by offering simple, affordable cover that is available to everyone.”

Shaun Williams, CEO



Online insurance, simple and easy to use

We believe in making insurance as simple as possible. That includes making products clear and easy to understand, as well as simple to buy and manage.

To arrange protection, all you need to do is answer a few short questions and you can be covered in less than five minutes.



Using TECHNOLOGY to drive change

At Lime, we’re passionate about refreshing the insurance industry. We’re driven by the fact that too many people are living without much needed insurance protection - and we decided to do something about it.

Entirely online and with a streamlined digital office, Lime uses the power of technology and the experience of its founders - all of whom have worked in global insurance and digital businesses - to deliver something new: insurance that is easy to access, affordable, and which puts customers completely in control.


Doing insurance properly

Our mantra is that we do insurance properly. That starts with understanding your unique situation, treating you as an individual and getting to know your circumstances and aspirations.

We use that information to build up a detailed picture of you so that we can calculate how much insurance you actually need.


Reaching people through partnership

As our mission is to help those people who don’t have insurance – or don’t have enough insurance – we needed to find a way to talk to them. That’s why we’re partnering with organisations that can help us reach out to the people who are missing out.

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