The Lime way.

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Squeezing down prices

Lime is 100% online and 100% focused on you. That’s how we put the squeeze on costs.

Lime is what happens when you combine specialist industry know-how with cutting edge technology. Together, the two have helped us to create an original type of business that is free from unnecessary costs, and a new type of insurance that focuses on giving you just what you need, when you need it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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Where are we going next?

We’ve started with a simple product that will help lots of people start their insurance journey.

Looking after yourself, if you are unwell, is where we go next. Our cancer cover is designed to work with the NHS to give you added protection; access to better drugs, specialist nurses and some cash to help cover some of the costs of being ill.

Private medical insurance can be very expensive; we’re stripping out the parts that most people don’t want, and concentrating on the bits you need.

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Flexible to grow with you.

Our vision has enabled us to build Lime and create a system to tailor-make products that can be adjusted, real-time, to the big and small changes in your life.

With Lime, you can get insurance anytime, change your policy as your lifestyle changes and cancel, anytime. And without penalty, anytime.

When you take insurance with Lime, you will be set up with a secure digital office with all your documents for easy reference.