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4 strategies for a better work-life balance

September 15, 2021
The Lime Team

Mind-Matter’s Nurturing Resilience Series

For many of us juggling the conflicting demands of our work, families, social lives and career development, as well as our physical and emotional wellbeing, can be a challenge. Sometimes the demands of work mean we put in extra hours. Every so often this is OK, but regularly working long hours can have a negative effect, not just on ourselves, but on our loved ones. It is also likely to make us less effective at work.

Work/life balance is the allocation of time to the different elements of our life, which enables us to be effective and have a feeling of wellbeing. To maintain a positive work/life balance it is important to “switch off” from work and spend quality time with family and friends, and pursue some of the activities we enjoy.

4 key work/life balance strategies are:

1. Plan and manage time effectively – so we are making conscious decisions about time allocation and can stay in control e.g:

2. Do the most important things first.

3. Be proactive, not reactive – e.g. you don’t have to respond to every email as soon as it arrives.

4. Keep good boundaries e.g:

Source: Validium

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