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Exercise outside the box: Festive Fitness Family Scavenger Hunt

December 18, 2020
Lucy Hussey

I expect you’re wondering “what on earth is a Festive Fitness Family Scavenger Hunt?” Well, it’s quite simple, it’s part walk, part exercise and a whole lot of festive family fun. At Lime we are always keen to suggest ways to help keep you and your family happy and healthy. During the festive season it can be hard to get everyone out of the house and away from the TV (and the selection box of chocolates), but this can be a genuinely fun and flexible way to get the whole family involved in getting a bit of exercise.

The idea is to go out for a walk (or a run if you’re feeling energetic) and as you go you hunt for certain things (in this case festive decorations). When you spot the items listed on your check list you have a task to complete (in this case the task is an exercise).  The following is a suggested list - of course you can (and should) adapt it to your own family’s needs and abilities. You could decide that you only need to spot each item once, or you could complete the exercise every time you see one of those items. You could even split into teams to make it a bit more competitive and see who can finish first (just make sure each team takes some pictures to show they have done it properly,) or take it at a leisurely pace. Whatever you do, have fun!

Festive Scavenger Hunt Check List

If someone in your family can’t manage one of the exercises they can swap or just march on the spot while everyone else is finishing.


Remember to warm up before you start and stretch afterwards when you get home.  Here are a couple of useful links to help you:



This Festive Fitness Family Scavenger Hunt can be adapted to suit almost every level of fitness, but if you have any underlying medical problems and / or are not used to exercising please do consult with a doctor before starting a new exercise regime.  

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