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The secret of happiness

September 9, 2021
The Lime Team

Mind-Matter’s Nurturing Resilience Series

It turns out the secret of happiness might just be a sense of gratitude. We can experience regular moments of joy by consciously engaging in simple (free!) actions which often involve increasing our sense of gratitude (click here for our top 10 list of how to increase joy in your life). Buddhists, happiness gurus and mindfulness experts often describe the universal elements in the world and in life which can bring us joy.

Here are the common themes:


As you’ll know if you read our article on forest bathing that immersing ourselves in nature can be incredibly powerful. It doesn’t really matter what part of the natural world you focus on (it doesn’t have to be a forest), you could listen to birdsong, feel the morning sun on your face, smell springtime flowers, walk through a forest, enjoy a coastal breeze, notice the sensation of water on your skin or even just sit in your garden or eat some fresh fruit.


Experiencing something ‘bigger’ than ourselves can really help give a little perspective on the worries and problems of our every day life. You could try looking at the moon and stars, standing on top of a hill or mountain or contemplating the waves on the sea. Think about the size and breadth of the world and the universe and, if you can, try to connect spiritually to that.


Human beings are innately social animals. We need human connection and can really benefit from it. For example, meeting a friend for a walk or a coffee, having a proper face-to-face conversation with someone who is close to you. Experiences of mutual empathy when you feel someone has really ‘got you’ and you ‘get them’ can be incredibly uplifting.


The term ‘self-care’ gets bandied around a lot these days and it’s almost always followed by the suggestion to take a bath or read a book. Both of those might well be self-care actions for you, but they may not. The point is to take time to look after yourself. It could include making time to do an exercise class, to get a massage, to eat healthily, do some baking, go for a bike ride, sing along to the radio – literally anything that is going to help you feel more like you.  

Source adapted from: Validium

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