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Cancer Essentials

1 in 2 of us will get cancer. It's a big, scary headline.

If you were diagnosed tomorrow, we can help you cope.

From only £2.03 per month*, cover provides £5,000 cash lump sum to help cover the costs of illness, plus up to £100,000 for recommended drugs not covered by the NHS.

Takes 60 seconds. No email address required.

Manage your diagnostic tests online, around your schedule

Getting a diagnostic test is quick, easy and convenient. There's no excess and we cover the cost of the diagnostic tests upfront - so you'll never pay a penny more than your monthly premium.
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Book a GP appointment

Book an appointment with your GP, or use our virtual GP service (included), to find out if a test or scan is required.
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Receive your diagnostic test

Book your test at one of 5,000 dedicated private diagnostic centres nationwide, be seen within 48 hours of your GP referral confirmation.
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Get answers, fast

Receive your results within 4 days (typically). If needed, your GP will recommend treatment or refer you to a specialist.

We often don’t think about cancer, until it hits close to home.

Unfortunately, it’s much more common than you’d think. According to the latest statistics from Cancer Research UK, 1 in 2 people born after 1960 will be diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetime. For many, paying the household bills when unable to work because they are fighting cancer can be devastating.

We've chosen to partner with Aviva to give you a £5,000 cash sum on diagnosis of cancer.

For many, the £5,000 cash sum helps cover some of the hidden costs associated with cancer— when unable to work, paying for childcare or covering household bills. Or, if you’ve got these covered, use it towards a holiday for you and your family. It’s completely up to you.

£5,000 cash benefit

Aviva will give you £5,000 cash on diagnosis of cancer to help ease any financial concerns.

Up to £100,000 of cancer drugs

Aviva will cover up to £100,000 to fund some of the latest and most innovative cancer treatment drugs.

Cancer Helpline

Get access to a personal nurse advisor who can provide valuable support, advice and, if needed, organise a second medical opinion.

Lime Health top-ups

Cancer Essentials is another top-up which compliments the UK’s world class public health services and gives you and your family extra cover where it’s needed most.

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Get covered in less than 5 minutes. Cancel anytime.

You’re in complete control with Lime. Get covered in minutes then change, or even cancel, your policy anytime from your Lime online account - with no extra fees or unwanted surprises.
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It only takes a few seconds to see how little you’ll pay. We don’t even ask for your email address.
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Answer a few questions, pay your first month’s premium, and that's it. No medical exam required.
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Change or cancel your cover online as your circumstances change, without any charges.
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"People put off from buying costly health insurance could save hundreds of pounds with a new approach that allows customers to choose the specific cover they want.”
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Peace of mind that people can afford.

We’re offering a fresh take on health care, by offering just the benefits you need at a fraction of the cost of traditional insurance. The average Lime customer pays around £4.50 a month, but costs depend on your age and whether you smoke or not, with no other fees or charges.

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We're exclusively online

So we avoid the costs of traditional insurance companies, such as expensive buildings and call centres.

We only cover what you need

Most insurers charge you for a bunch of benefits you don’t need, and are rarely claimed for.

We've cut out the middleman

We bring our products directly to you, so we don’t need to pay for paper-pushing, brokers or annoying salespeople.

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“Within a week the money was in my account.”

We hope you never need us to pay out. But if the worse happens, we’ll make sure you’ll quickly get the money you are entitled to. Cancer Essentials is backed by Aviva Health UK Ltd, part of the UK’s largest insurance company, who has been providing protection for over 320 years.

Read Jo's full story

I had my first routine mammogram on 01/08/2018 and unfortunately after further investigation, I was found to have early stage breast cancer which was a complete shock and the last thing that I saw coming. I wanted to concentrate on being positive and get the treatment I needed, to get well.

In my head I thought, well I’m only going to be in hospital for a day hopefully and radiotherapy would be outpatient so there wasn’t anything it would be able to help me with. However, I was pleased to see there was the cash benefit amount available on diagnosis of cancer. I felt a sense of relief as well as having that bit of financial support available to me made me think I didn’t have to worry about that part of my life and concentrate on my health and getting the treatment over and done with.

I downloaded the claim form and took it into my GP surgery and collected about a week or so after.

Within a week the money was in my account as well as the claim form reimbursement at the same time.

I had received an email to acknowledge that the money would be put into my account. It was very straight forward and easy without any difficult conversations.

Having that lump cash sum available from the cancer essentials gave that support that I hadn’t even thought about as I was dealing with the diagnosis itself and I could just concentrate on that. It was there to use as I pleased for what was needed for me.

I am happy to say I have made a full recovery.
— Jo

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Almost every cancer is covered. No hidden surprises.

We believe in simple, honest insurance that does what it says. All cancers are covered except non-melanoma skin cancers or prostate cancer that doesn’t require active treatment. You also can’t be covered if you have been diagnosed with, or have had cancer within the last 10 years.

For full details, download our insurance product information document.

Lime partners with cancer charities so we can donate to them 10% of every premium.

We’d rather not be selling Cancer Essentials, because we’d rather see cancer cured. In addition to donating 10% of every premium to Britain’s cancer charities, we aim to be a force for social good.

A force for social good

Watch CEO and Founder Shaun Williams explain his mission to make Lime a force for social good - by making valuable healthcare affordable and accessible to people underserved by traditional insurance companies.

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"Very quick, easy to use and fantastic value for money."

Frequently asked questions

What is covered?

If you are diagnosed with cancer, you will receive £5,000 cash benefit and access to a drugs fund of up to £100,000 for recommended drugs that the NHS won’t fund. There’s also access to a helpline for support and guidance when you need it.

What isn't covered?

Unfortunately, you can’t be covered if you have had cancer within the last 10 years, and it won’t cover non-melanoma skin cancers or prostate cancer that doesn’t require active treatment.

Who can get covered?

It is open to people in the UK aged 18-70. It is available online, immediately and with just a handful of questions.

Do I need a medical examination?

With Lime, no medical examinations are required.

How long do I sign up for?

This is an annually renewable contract. You can review  or cancel your cover at anytime (even within the year), to make sure you have the right cover at the right time.

Where can I find out more information?

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