We can help you for a lot less than you think

Use the Lime calculator to help you work out what your family might need if the worst was to happen.

It’s really quick and easy to use, and you will get a free personalised report that sets out the financial needs for your family and loved ones.

We’ve done all the homework, so you can get the right answers today.

Insurance can be complicated…


…which is one reason why almost 11 million people in the UK have no cover.

But we all know that our health, our families and our homes are worth protecting so, at Lime, we’ve made it simple. We’ve stripped-back the jargon and made the journey quick and flexible, so we can offer you a lot more cover for a lot less than you think. Protect yourself and your family today.


Lime is different, so are our costs.

Accidental Death Insurance cost by age and cover level**

We only work with the best to work out what protection you need and when.



“Insuring against accidents is just the start”

Shaun Williams, CEO

Accidental Death Cover is just the first step.  We are hard at work developing completely new Lime flavoured products that are tailor-made for real people and reflect their lifestyles.  From physio cover for fitness fans to products for those worried about cancer or mental health.



The Lime twist

Simple. Streamlined. Flexible. And tailored. For you.

Traditional insurance cover is complicated, inflexible and costly, with the typical customer paying for loads of added extras they just don’t need.

At Lime we are 100% online. Our products are simple. We help you work out what you really need and when you need it. And, as life changes, so should your insurance, so we put you in control of what you pay and when.

More than 11.3 million people here in the UK**** don’t have the protection they need. We want to change that.


*Source: YouGov Life and Health Protection 2017 **Monthly costs of annual renewable policy - as at March 2019 ***Source: ONS: Death Registry Summary Tables 2018